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Akaroa translates as “Long Harbour” and was formed when an ancient volcanic caldera broke out to the South Pacific Ocean millions of years ago. This isolated southerly aspect sees our farm facing the open ocean towards Antarctica. An exposed and rugged environment but one that brings the purest waters to our King Salmon at the edge of Aotearoa.

Our tīpuna (ancestors) were the first fishers and sculptors of this harbour and the traditional name “Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū”, refers to this area as a storehouse such was its abundance, particularly for seafood. Our iwi partners, Ōnuku Runanga, the mana moana of Akaroa Harbour, trace their lineage back here over 23 generations with an innate knowledge of these waters. Their lineage also connects to our other iwi partner Ngati Porou, from the East Coast of Aotearoa, also famed for their fishing prowess. We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned.

In 1866 the Bates family settled here, farming the rugged volcanic slopes through generations of careful animal husbandry. However, by 1985, with changing times in New Zealand, the Bates Family turned their attention to Akaroa Harbour. Tom and Duncan Bates selected a favoured spot in Lucas Bay to experiment with a single pen. The robust cold currents in this location meant our King salmon thrived and everything we produce comes from these pens in Akaroa Harbour.

Forty years later our team still launches from Wainui to carry on the traditions of carefully raising our King Salmon. We still sell direct from the wharf to the locals - details here - and we see ourselves as a key part of our Akaroa community, for this and many generations to come.