Farm Philosophy - The Akaroa Difference

Good things take time.

 Great salmon takes decades.

It’s something we’ve been working on for over 36 years with the simple philosophy to hand raise the best fish, close to nature, in balance with the environment.

It starts where the wild salmon run.

Site selection is critical for the health of the environment and the fish.  That’s why we chose a spot in the Akaroa Harbour with strong flow and deep waters  from the cold, rugged Pacific Ocean.

In the beginning we built our first pens on the shore, hired local fishermen to tow them into place, and rowed out twice a day to hand feed the fish.

From those humble beginnings, we’ve evolved into an artisan producer supplying New Zealand’s best salmon to New Zealand’s best restaurants.

But what drives us remains the same.

Quality – not quantity.

We’re not in a rush to grow bigger, or for our fish to grow faster.  We’re not driven by profit or productivity.

We keep our stocking densities low so that each pen is 99% water and 1% fish.  
We hand feed the fish a unique diet, specifically blended to maximise their health and suit the local environment.
We hire local people, support local community groups and buy from local suppliers.
Our environmental record is impeccable.

This is what we stand for.  Raising craft salmon, and doing it in a way that New Zealand can be proud of.

It’s farming the old fashion way.

Because good things take time