Food you love, that loves you back. 

Akaroa Salmon is a powerhouse of nutrition, packed with Omega-3s, Vitamins D, B6 and B12 and selenium.

Highly respected nutritionist, TV presenter and author Claire Turnbull is calling for New Zealanders to eat more of it to help them get more out of life.

“Food is the foundation of your life,” She told the New Zealand Aquaculture magazine.

“The fuel you put in your body determines how well it works.

“Every cell in your body, from your eyes to your heart to your kidneys, rely on quality fuel to work their best."

“When you eat well and you’re moving your body regularly, it’s going to run better. You’re going to sleep better and be more productive and feel energised when you get out of bed.”

And salmon has an important role to play in New Zealand diets.

“I’m really passionate about letting people know about the natural ways to get the nutrition they need by eating whole foods. One of the reasons I’m really excited about working with salmon is that I’m spreading a much needed message about foods that we need to be eating more of for a good, happy, healthy life.”

“If you look at the countries where their people live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives, their diets all have some things in common including they eat lots of oily fish and seafood."

“We need a culture shift and part of that is to vary our protein sources to include more plant rich proteins and fish and seafood like salmon."